The Good Doc

Some folks have expressed some little curiosity about me, Dr. Felix Ingersol Biblescholar. As immodest as it may seem, I suppose it only right that I should provide some background on myself. This snapshot was taken by my lovely aunt and semi-professional photographer, Mrs. Tilde Biblescholar, for publicity purposes. It graces the dust jacket of my books Understanding the Incomprehensible: Decoding the Bible and Bibology: The Science of Bible Science.

Photo of F.I. Biblescholar

A Bit of Background

For those interested in such things, I am a Dr. thrice over. I was born and raised in the United States of America and spent much of my youth in transit across this great country. My father was a preacher and encyclopedia salesman and my mother was a radio personality before her disfigurement. With the loss of her tongue, she retired to become a full time caregiver to myself. I was raised as an only child although I have one half-sister, Mina, whom I did not have the pleasure of meeting before her untimely death. In addition to my bible science, I have three teddy bear hamsters, Moe, Larry and Ted, and I am an avid collector of Topps Wacky Package stickers and a great collector and chewer of unusually flavored gums. But enough about me! As you can see, there is not that much of interest.