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This is the official Internet locale of the offical international Webspot for Dr. Felix Ingersol Biblescholar and Bible Science

So what is Dr. Biblescholar's Bible Science Spot all about?

I'm certainly glad you've chosen to ask me that question! Or, to be more accurate, I'm certainly glad you've chosen to read that question that I posed as if it were a question you had asked yourself. Of course, I don't mean that you have necessarily asked that question of yourself as much as I mean that you, yourself, have asked it of me. I do suppose it might be possible that you have asked it of yourself, or that you have asked it both of yourself and of me simultaneously, but either way (or both ways), I am certainly glad that I wrote that question so that now I can answer it for you!

This Webspot was created to explore many of the intriguing questions and issues raised by reading the bible as the LWOG (literal word of God). For example, in the beginning, when God created the heaven and the earth, where was he standing? Did God specifically exempt whales from the dominion of man? Why don't robots have to eat? The questions go on and on, and for the most part, I have the answers. But who am I?

I am Dr. Felix Biblescholar (pronounced Bib-less-collar) and I am a Bibologist: a bible scientist. What is a Bibologist? A bible scientist is one who studies the science of the bible or studies the bible in a scientific way. I am actually both kinds of Bibologist. On this Webspot, I will present my annotated version of the bible and various related materials. This is a Webspot designed primarily for use by bona fide bible scientists, so I strongly caution laymen that various bits of information presented here may require some advanced knowledge of bible science to fully comprehend. Please don't let this discourage you from reading and enjoying my annotated bible! The bible is for everyone because it is in public domain.